Ray Collins and Larry Gardner

Ray and fellow Vermonter Larry Gardner (Enosburg Falls)
were teammates at UVM and then in Boston. Larry is
arguably the greatest ball player Vermont ever produced.
The 3rd baseman enjoyed a stellar career with the Red Sox,
the Philadelphia Athletics and the Cleveland Indians.
He won a total of 4 World Series and was instrumental
in each of them.

This photo does not appear to be from Fenway or
the Huntington Ave Grounds.

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  1. Definitely not Fenway Park or Huntington Ave Grounds. I can't match this to any of the AL fields between 1909 and 1915. It's odd because of the lack of grandstands/bleachers in LF and no visible buildings (most deadball parks were built in neighborhoods). There also appears to be junk (car parts?) in foul territory with the wall marked as "xxx x xxx Motor Supply Co." Unfortunately, the scoreboard is illegible. The Yucatan Gum banner turns up in a number of St. Louis billboards, but this isn't Sportsman's Park. No matches with photos of the Hot Springs Arkansas spring training fields I can locate either.